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Survey: Modi has an answer for India

Survey: Modi has an answer for India

According to our survey of 10 top Indian economists, the country has the potential to achieve robust growth in the next five years, but a return to the "dream run" of 2005-2007 remains out of reach:

  • Growth will average more than 6.5 percent through 2019
  • Infrastructure investment will lead the way
  • Land laws, skills shortages remain the biggest obstacles to growth 
Post-sanction Iran: opportunity ahead

Post-sanction Iran: opportunity ahead

A big-picture guide to seizing opportunity in Iran and navigating sanctions relief, assuming a comprehensive nuclear deal is reached:

  • Sanctions will be relaxed gradually and provisionally at first.
  • UAE, French, Italian, and Asian investors will seize early-entry advantages.
  • Rapid-uptake opportunities include grocery retailing and the hospitality sector. 
Bangladesh makes uneven progress after Rana Plaza

Bangladesh makes uneven progress after Rana Plaza

Factories are safer but reputational risks for Western retailers remain high because inspections and repairs are spotty. Barring another disaster, Bangladesh will:

  • Remain a prime sourcing destination for the garment industry
  • Pivot from Western to Asian customers as Chinese demand grows
  • Experience ongoing labor unrest
Brazil poised to shine again

Brazil poised to shine again

Read this survey of 10 top Brazilian economists’ forecast for the next five years, including why:

  • October elections will produce a better business climate, no matter who wins
  • Infrastructure will be a winning investment
  • A weaker currency will help exporters, foreign investors
2014-15 Security & Supply-Chain Risk Outlook

2014-15 Security & Supply-Chain Risk Outlook

From India to the United Arab Emirates, new risks create new rules for navigating emerging markets. This report reveals the tax, legal and the political shifts that will shake up Global supply chains and the impacts, including:

  • Why China supply-chain costs could rise 20 percent
  • Why risks will rise in Indonesia, South Africa, Peru, and elsewhere
  • ALSO: Where risks will go down, why ‘conflict minerals’ matter, and how drones could reshape logistics
Mining After the Soma Disaster

Mining After the Soma Disaster

Nations make strides in mining safety, but lax policies keep risks high. In the wake of the Soma disaster that killed more than 300 in Turkey, MGO took an in-depth look at four mining countries:

  • Turkey: Politics will triumph over safety
  • China: Bigger mines lead to fewer fatalities
  • Chile: Remember the rescue? Forget reform
  • South Africa: A push for zero fatalities
Social Responsibility in 2014

Social Responsibility in 2014

Top SRI experts analyze environmental, social, and governance risks for corporations in emerging & frontier markets. The survey reveals:

  • Which ESG issues in the developing world are garnering the most momentum?
  • What’s been this proxy season’s sleeper issue?
  • Which regions are becoming riskier for ESG equity investors?
  • Where is ESG equity risk declining the fastest?
Eastern Europe’s New Split

Eastern Europe’s New Split

Top regional defense experts analyze the fallout from Russian’s incursion into Ukraine in this exclusive MGO survey which reveals why:

  • Europe’s post-Cold War map is being redrawn with a shifting East-West dividing line
  • Rising tensions will boost regional defense spending 12.5 percent and which countries will invest in their defense
  • US, West European defense firms will prosper, while Russian energy companies will see delays
  • Despite a weak start, NATO gains momentum and a sharper focus, as does the United States
Turkey's Challenging Year

Turkey's Challenging Year

Top economists surveyed predict that the growth of the Turkish economy will seriously underperform government estimates for 2014 while inflation will top official forecasts. The report also provides fresh insight as to why top economists say:

  • Political scandals will dampen investor sentiment
  • The defense industry is investors’ best bet
  • The construction industry will be hit hardest
West Africa Outlook – 3Q 2013

West Africa Outlook – 3Q 2013

A Monitor Global Outlook EXCLUSIVE
This West Africa Outlook offers insight into the key Security and political shifts that may impact the investment climate, including:

  • Nigeria’s power privatization opens opportunities – and labor disputes.
  • Al Qaeda-linked groups pose rising risk to critical infrastructure projects.
  • Ghana’s economy, Ivory Coast politics affect cocoa trade, and the rise of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea.